History of St. Patrick's

The Beginnings

Fr. O’Neil was the first resident priest of St. Patrick’s Kinkora. Coming to Kinkora in 1869, he lived in the parish for 35 years. It was during his time that the present church was built. In 1882 there were about 105 families belonging to the parish. As a testament to their faith, they succeeded in building one the finest examples of gothic architecture in rural Ontario. The Cathedral in the Country, as it is now nicknamed, was built for a sum of $30,000.

The Architect was Joseph Connolly, a foremost architect in the 19th century who also designed St. Peters Cathedral in London, St. Mary’s in Toronto and the Church of Our Lady in Guelph.

St. Patrick's when it was built in 1882

Gallery - St. Patrick's Through the Years

Gallery - The Steeple is Removed

The interior was fully renovated in 2003, maintaining in its original design and charm. However, during the renovation project, it was discovered that there were structural concerns with the tower and its ability to support the existing steeple. For this reason, the steeple was removed.

Since that time, our parish has planning to restore the steeple - plans which are currently taking shape and becoming reality.