Help us restore our steeple

Dedicate a permanent plaque inside the steeple for you and your family.

St. Patrick's Church, Kinkora is a Roman Catholic parish in the heart of south-western Ontario. In 2003, the original steeple was removed due structural concerns.

We are now restoring that steeple as well as other items on the church's exterior; the project will cost $1.3 million - and we need your donations!

Why restore the steeple?

The steeple is an integral part of the building's beauty, its historic heritage, and its function as God's temple. As the Bishop at the time of construction, Bishop Fallon, remarked on entering the portals of this church, one’s soul spontaneously rises to celestial heights, borne aloft by the upward sweep of its gothic lineaments and the spiritual beauties of this “domus Dei et porta caeli”. The spire, which originally rose to a height of about 150 feet, could be seen from the farthest limits of the parish, pointing like the finger of God to the world beyond the skies.

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